...Well You're Right, It Is About You!

Dear Black Students of UPenn,

I bet you think this blog post is about you...well you’re right. First off, the Black Student League would like to welcome you all back to campus. We hope you guys have had a good balance of studying, working out, and going out! In a perfect world right? Anyways, these past few weeks we had the pleasure of welcoming back our illustrious black student body. From the Freshman Ice Cream Social, the B(l)ack Together Cookout, and My Vote, My Voice session it was great to meet new faces and reconnect with old friends. Below you will find a recap of the events, but before that… BSL is excited to announce the theme for this fall semester!

For the fall semester, "The Skin I'm In", is the theme! BSL will draw attention to a particular issue within the Black Community. We need to not only love and find comfort in the skin we are in, but we also need to help others find the space to do so, by fostering a community where we acknowledge and don’t add to: Colorism. Yes, it had to be said. Colorism is definitely a thing and if you didn’t know, now you will. Colorism is discrimination or prejudice against people with dark skin and typically this comes from people of the same ethnic or racial group. Colorism creates a hierarchy where people with lighter skin are treated with higher regard than darker skin people. BSL recognizes that colorism at Penn needs to be addressed because we all need to love the skin we are in along with the skin others are in!

Pstttt... We are not done here! So listen up! At this point in time ALL OF YOU should be registered and ready to vote on November 6th. For the 2016 elections, the black voter turnout rate DECLINED when we needed it the most… Yikes. We need to and WE WILL do better. As millenials it is important to make sure that our voices are heard and taken seriously! One of many ways to do this is exercising our right to VOTE.


Relatable Black Penn Student

August - September Recap

Freshman Ice Cream Social

BSL's Freshman Committee comes together to celebrate the completion of the first week of classes and meet other Black freshman at Penn.

To become acquainted, the freshman play: As the Wind Blows.

B(l)ack Together Cookout

BSL collaborates with Dubois College House to host a barbeque for 200 Penn students!

All populations of the Black Penn community came together to foster a familial environment through food, fun, and fellowship.

My Vote, My Voice

BSL collabs with the Alpha Chi Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc and Dubois College House to have Kathy Gilmore speak on voter engagement and the importance of this year’s upcoming midterm elections. Kathy Gilmore is Chief of Staff at City Council of Philadelphia, Vice President of Philly Young Democrats, and a Member of Epsilon Omega Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

The goal of the session was to provide minority students, specifically underclassmen, with the opportunity to gain insight in regard to their voting rights and how to register to vote in Pennsylvania.

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